Support Us

Down through the years John Hancock Academy has been able to continue serving the young people of the Middle Georgia area for two primary reasons.  First, and foremost, we at JHA have given God the glory in all we do.  Secondly, the determination and commitment of our parents, grandparents, alumni, and supporters is second to none. That commitment and absolute loyalty involves countless volunteer hours as well as financial contributions and support. As you may know, tuition, which has purposely been kept low, only provides about 70% of the cost of operation for our school. Therefore giving through our various programs is absolutely essential to our ability to continue providing an excellent education for our young people.

I invite you to become involved if you are not already.  You may choose to contribute to our General Fund or our Facelift Fund.  You may elect to support our students through the Georgia Goal Scholarship program for a state income tax credit.  Whatever way you choose, I assure you that your investment in John Hancock Academy will be one that pays great dividends for many years to come.


Steven D. James