Community Service

As part of our mission at JHA to develop each young person into productive and responsible adults, our students are required to be involved in community service projects throughout the school year. Every student in grades 6-12 is required to fulfill at least two hours of documented service to the community each semester (four hours per school year). This service could be through involvement in church projects, clubs and organizations. These service hours must be documented by an adult and recorded with homeroom teachers before report cards will be released.

In addition to extracurricular community service, many students are involved in outreach through school groups. Our football team delivers treats to the local nursing homes at Halloween. JHA’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes sponsors a toy drive during the Christmas season. The preschoolers visit nursing home residents on various holidays. Our cheerleaders sponsor awareness days for causes like Breast Cancer and Domestic Abuse. Our students and faculty also participate in Relay for Life and other events. These are just a few ways the JHA family gives back to the community that has loved and supported us throughout the years. We encourage everyone to become involved in some way.